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The navigation is maintained by a Block which feeds two pages: the internal page for preview within Cascade, and the _SSI page which is published for the site.

The navigation block uses three levels of links: Link/Header is the first level, Sub-Link is the second, and Third-Level is the third.

  • Top level Link/Headers will be simple links in navigation, if no Sub-Link is specified.
  • Second level Sub-Links will force the Link/Headers to become toggles which expand to display Sub-Link options, which means the Link/Header will no longer be a link.
  • Third-level links will automatically display along with their Sub-Links when Link/Headers are toggled.

Each link can be either: an Internal Link (link to a page within Cascade), a Symlink (see HTML Links) or an External Link (a full URL entered manually).


A website will already have a navigation present, but it can be modified to include new links and sub-links:

  1. Hover over the left navigation and select Edit Content from pop-up
  2. Click the + to add an additional link
  3. Add Link Text, Destination, and Sub-link (optional)
  4. Select the vertical ellipsis and choose Check Content & Submit

If you added Sub-Links but want to maintain the link in the Link/Header:

  1. Enter an alternate link title in the Alt Link Text field. This will create a Sub-Link for the Link/Header link
  2. Select the vertical ellipsis and choose Check Content & Submit

Once you have added links for the Navigation, you must specify the “SSI Page of all the nav”

Specify the SSI Page that controls the navigation on your other webpages

Save your changes to the Navigation Block

SSI Page

Open the SSI Page

Under the Configure tab:

  1. Verify that the Navigation Block you edited is assigned to the DEFAULT Region
    • If it is not, specify the correct Block in the Region.
    • If it is, publish the SSI page. This will update the navigation for all pages using the same Block at the same time. 
  2. Click Submit to save changes
  3. Publish the SSI Page to publish navigation changes

This is a navigation example

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