Other Events

July 11: Event Planning at JMU: Everyone Can Benefit (TD1006)

July 15: Withdraw Deadline - GR 6W2

July 15: Third Year Portfolio Institute

July 16: Cascade 8 Training

July 16: Get to Know Your Colleagues

July 17: Hiring @ JMU (TD1002)

July 17: Hiring @ JMU (TD1002)

July 17: DMV Connect on Campus

July 17: Individual Professional Development Plan Workshop (TD1152)

July 19: Last Day - U6W, 10W

July 19: Cascade Open Lab Training

July 22: 2019 Children's Creativity Camp

July 24: Performance Management Information Session (TD1181)

July 24: Team Excellence #5: Mediate Disputes (TD2343)

July 26: AACP: Ready, Set, Go! (TD2277)

July 30: JMU JobLink (TD2510)

July 30: JMU JobLink (IT195)

August 1: SWaM Vendor Fair

August 2: Last Day - 6W2, 8W, 12W

August 6: SEA Board Meeting

August 6: Advancing Your Workplace Etiquette (TD2151)

August 6: Student Employment Essentials

August 7: Cascade 8 Training

August 13: Advancing Your Workplace Etiquette (TD2151)

August 14: Team Excellence #6: Restore Unity (TD2344)

August 15: Individual Professional Development Plan Workshop (TD1152)

August 16: Cascade Open Lab Training

August 18: Freshman Ice Cream Social

August 19: Honors College Freshman Orientation

August 19: Faculty Welcome 2019

August 20: Residence Halls Open

August 22: It's Complicated Facilitation - Campus Wide

August 23: Fall 2019 Assessment Day - First Year Students

August 26: 08-26-graduate-classes-begin

August 26: Fall Classes Begin

August 26: First Day of Classes - Fall Semester and 1st block

August 26: Performance Management Information Session (TD1181)

September 3: Last Day to Add or Drop a Semester or 1st Block class

September 3: Add/Drop Deadline semester and 1st block

September 3: Cascade 8 Training

September 10: The Art of Asking Questions (TD2080)

September 10: Student Employment Essentials

September 11: Team Excellence #7: Stages

September 12: Add Departmental Permission - Semester and 1st Block

September 12: Manager Moments: How to Excel in Tricky Situations (TD2237)

September 12: Understanding and Navigating Medicare (TD2293)

September 13: Withdrawal from University Deadline

September 13: DMV Connect on Campus

September 13: Cascade Open Lab Training

September 17: Help... I Have To Pay For College! (TD2500)

September 18: Overview of JMU Services You Will Use (TD2379)

September 18: Optional Retirement Participants - What to Expect When You Retire (TD1352)

September 19: Green Dot: A Comprehensive Approach to Violence Prevention (TD2427)

September 24: 1st Block Class Withdrawal Deadline

September 24: Withdrawal deadline for 1st block classes

September 24: The Places You'll Grow! Info Session (TD2425)

September 25: Optional Retirement Participants - What to Expect When You Retire (TD1352)

September 27: Cascade 8 Training

September 27: Spark Your Mind with Exercise (TD2426)

October 1: I'm a Search Committee Member - Now What? (TD2338)

October 1: I'm a Search Committee Member - Now What? (TD2338)

October 2: The Places You'll Grow! Info Session (TD2425)

Event Resources

Ongoing Attractions

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum
Open daily dawn to dusk
Off University Boulevard
Contains a wide variety of trees and plants native to Virginia; call (540) 568-3194 for tours; free.

JMU Meteorite Collection
Open daily
First- and second-floor hallways, Physics and Chemistry Building
Features fragments of meteoroids that survived passage through the atmosphere to fall to the earth's surface as masses of metal or stone; includes specimens from Diablo Canyon, Ariz., the Sahara Desert and the Central European Strewn Field; free.

Masks from Around the World Collection at the College of Education
8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday
Lobby of War Memorial Auditorium, Memorial Hall
Featuring 50 masks, this collection was donated to the college for use by its students interested in studying the interplay between cultural ideals and masks; the collection includes masks used in performance, masks of Asia and masks of Europe; free.

JMU Mineral Museum
8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday
Room 6139, Memorial Hall
The Department of Geology and Environmental Science opens its collection of over 550 crystals and gemstones from around the world to the public; for information, call (540) 568-6130; free.

JMU Libraries and Educational Technologies' Special Collections
10 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Thursday and by appointment
Room 207, Carrier Library
Features manuscripts, rare books and periodicals, oral histories and other resources for study, including many acquisitions focusing on the Central Shenandoah Valley; for information, call (540) 568-3612; free.

“Dressing for Shakespeare in Shenandoah” Exhibition
Open during library hours through February 2018
Historic west wing of Carrier Library
Presented by JMU Libraries and Educational Technologies, the exhibition illustrates the importance of the Bard in the first 50 years of JMU history, with a focus on 1916, when the 300th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death was commemorated on campus and in Harrisonburg. The exhibition includes images and ephemera from JMU’s Special Collections showing the two-day celebration, which included a mile-long parade and an outdoor pageant. Also featured are items from the JMU School of Theatre and Dance’s historic clothing and costume collections, as well as Shakespearean costumes from the Federal Theatre Project (1935-39). Students and Shakespeare, a related exhibition on the second floor of the library, near the Special Collections Reading Room, is also available.

The little Gallery Underground
Open during music library hours
JMU Music Library, Room B59, Music Building
The gallery is a place for music visualized. It features rotating displays of art by local artists, both within the JMU community and beyond. What makes the gallery unique is the connection between visual art and music. For more information, visit http://www.west-mainland.com/music/little-gallery.shtml.

John C. Wells Planetarium
Miller Hall
The planetarium offers full-dome shows and special events for the public; groups can schedule visits by calling (540) 568-4071; check the planetarium's website at http://www.west-mainland.com/planetarium/index.shtml for the latest information; free.

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